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Dry pasta linea

Sarp Food Technologies Hall: 6 Stand: E6-11
  • Dry pasta linea
  • Dry pasta linea
  • Dry pasta linea
Dry pasta linea Dry pasta linea Dry pasta linea
Every Sarp system is composed of different components, that you can interchange according to your needs, by integrating a single machine in your production or considering the whole and complete line. We can serve you a turn-key plant. Dry pasta series of production includes: - PRESS: doses and mixes the necessary ingredients to make the dough (like semolina, flour, water, eggs). The press works with every kind of mix: with or without gluten, wholegrain, treated, and with or without vacuum. With more dies it is possible to obtain different types of pasta, using the same machine - SPREADER: is thought for laying long pasta on sticks in an automatic way, to proceed then with the drying on trays. - AUT. STACKING TRAYS: to automatically stack trays, filled with short pasta, on trays that are ready for the drying treatment. - CUTTER: for longitudinal or/and transversal cuts, and to calibrate the thickness of pasta or sheet. - NESTING AND LASAGNA MACHINE: production of nest or lasagna deposed on belts. - SHAKER PRE-DRYER: for a pre-drying process that allows the surface of pasta to be pre-dried avoiding the possibility to get it stuck on the next steps of the production. - - STATIC OR CONTINUOUS DRYER: break down the percentage of humidity of the product, with automatic control of high or low temperatures, and humidity: very important to avoid the breakage of pasta during the packaging stage. Contact us at: sarp@sarp.it or visit the website at www.sarp.it