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Dips machine by Limitech

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Dips machine by Limitech Dressings often used for salads have a long and colorful history, that has its origin back in ancient times. The Babylonians is said to have been the first to have used dressings; consisting of oil and vinegar nearly 2.000 years ago. This spread throughout the world were people started mixing dressings from what flavor they liked. The most common was a mix between olive oil, vinegar, wine and honey. Dips machines, dips processsolutions and dips process lines has been developed by Limitech for centuries. Today there is a sea of different dressings, as many people enjoy adding different flavor to their salad, vegetables and greens. However, each country has their own national favorite dressing along a long line of imported dressings from different countries around the globe. Dips comes in a variety of different flavors and textures. Due to Limitech’s decades of long development of machinery, The LiMiX line is developed to process different textures, particles and flavors. Read more on process equipments for dips Machines for dips has been an art Limitech has perfectionated for decades to guarantee customers the highest efficiency and quality possible. It guarantees machinery perfectionated to process dips no matter viscosity and texture. Read more about machines for dips on Limitech’s LiMiX line. On Limitech’s product site you will find a range of different machinery for different processes and applications.


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