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Corn starch

Limited Liability Company Starch plant Gulkevichsky Hall: Shk Saeed 2 Stand: S2-A2
  • Corn starch
  • Corn starch
  • Corn starch
Corn starch Corn starch Corn starch
The plant produces GMO-free native corn starch according to Specification 32159-2013 with improved quality parameters. Our native corn starch applications are: - production of pulp and paper products and corrugated cardboard for Packaging; - processing and food industries. Starch is also used in adhesives, adhesive coatings, foams, fillers, flocculants, plastics, glues, viscosity modifiers. GMO-free native corm starch in the food industry: - is the optimal thickener due to its viscous properties; - used as a filler; - can be a binder in products. - due to its ability to absorb and retain moisture, starch is used as a stabilizer. Sizing/packaging: Kraft bags 25 kg џ Big bags (FIBC) 650 kg/1000 kg/1375 kg