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Copra Pellets

PT. Sarimas Permai Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-F39
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  • Copra Pellets
  • Copra Pellets
Copra Pellets Copra Pellets Copra Pellets
Copra Pellets Copra pellets are machine-pressed and dried coconut meat or core. It is a byproduct of the extraction process from coconut oil. Why Choosing Copra Pellets from Sari Mas Permai ? Copra expeller pellets are nutritional supplementation. Effect of copra expeller pellet supplementation on nutrient flow from rumen of sheep fed low quality pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens). The effects of copra expeller pellets (CEP) supplementation on nutrient flow, efficiency of microbial protein synthesis and degradability of CEP-nitrogen (N) in the rumen of sheep eating chopped pangola grass, were determined. Product Benefits : The advantage of using copra pellets as animal feed is that it is abundant and cheap. Copra has a high protein content and is very well used as a main product for animal and other pet feed. Available Packagings : - Gony Bag - Plastic Bag What are Copra Pellets used for? - Animal Nutrition - Animal Feed - Animal Supplements