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Cooling spiral tower

Sarp Food Technologies Hall: 6 Stand: E6-11
  • Cooling spiral tower
  • Cooling spiral tower
  • Cooling spiral tower
Cooling spiral tower Cooling spiral tower Cooling spiral tower
Sarp Spiral conveyor cooling system can be integrated into the existing production line, working independently, or inside of an airtight insulation room (completed welded by our technicians). The room’s internal temperature can reach -5°C / -15°C , thanks to the airflow system, that keeps the temperature uniform in every part of the machine. In this way, the thermal treatment will be quicker and more efficient preventing humidity development. As Sarp, we focus on production savings, by giving you the opportunity to combine the advantages of the insulated chamber with a heating system that uses and filters the external air saving production power and optimizing the air exchange. The cooling and the pasteurizing processes are essential for the preservation of the product, for a long-lasting shelf life from 60 days to 5-6 months and more. The main goal is to give you a tailor-made solution that can ensure excellent performance in terms of: - FOOTPRINT SPACE REDUCTION: the spiral system has a serpentine shape, like an anaconda, and it is developed in height with a low space between the layers. These characteristics will ensure great performances occupying less space. The shape of the spiral can be customized: round, oval, or like an “8”, according to your needs. - MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING MANAGEMENT: every section is easily accessible, to ensure a deep sanitize. We can also supply high-pressure and temperature washing systems in a fully welded room. - HANDLING AND STORAGE: we offer you the opportunity to design the transportation paths of the goods. Contact us at: sarp@sarp.it or visit the website at www.sarp.it