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Convection Oven

Mashhad Baking Industries Co. Hall: Hall 4 Stand: E4-4
Homogeneous & Good Uniformity of Baking; Equipped with Steam System & Hot Air Circulation; Provided with Separate Fermentation Cabinet; Suitable for Baking any type of Bread, Pastry Products, Pizza, Strudel & Cooking Food; Suitable for Confectionary and Bakery Workshops, Restaurants, Fast Foods, Hotels, Hypermarkets, Caterings & Hospitals; Holder of ISO 9001:2015, CE Marking & UL Certification; It is produced with Electricity and Gas. It can be provided as 5- & 10-Pieces Tray Capacity. Variety of Baking Different Sort of Products. Steam distribution in the Baking Chamber is obtained by means of a Steam Generator System that leads to Perfect Baking. At the bottom of the Convection Oven, there is a Fermentation Cabinet that provides Heat and Steam for Baking Yeast Breads. This Oven has a very good uniformity of Baking and Energy Saving due to High-Quality Insulation. Advantages & Features Uniform Baking and Excellent Baking Results; Uniform Heat Distribution; Product Customization as the Needs; High Efficiency & Low Fuel Consumption;


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