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Continuous sugar dissolver

Water Systems Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S2-F41
The continuous sugar dissolvers manufactured by WS are fully automatic equipment conceived for high-capacity bottling lines, where the necessity of syrup cannot be satisfied by means of a batch unit. The system is highly customized according to the real simple syrup consumption and required process typology: - hot and cold dissolution; - accessories for sugar loading in 50 kg bags and 1.000 kg big bags; - vibrating sieve for sugar , to avoid that any stuff are loaded together with sugar and cause the block of sugar screw elevator; - filtration of the simple syrup when using ICUMSA 45 refined sugar; - special syrup Kieselguhr filtration in case of use of non-refined or low quality sugar; - syrup cooling (in case of hot dissolution); the heat exchangers are provided with instruments for the control of temperature and pressure on both sides, product and service fluid; - heat recovery system for energy saving; - simple syrup storage tank, guaranteeing a reserve suitable for the production of ready syrup for a certain period of time even in case of dissolver stopping. The equipment is provided with a manual system for the cleaning of screw elevator, in order to remove the residual sugar; furthermore the screw elevator can be opened for a better manual cleaning. A set of instruments allows the automatic control of water feeding, syrup Brix degree and flow rate; the system allows water-pushes to empty the circuit from sugar, hence avoiding product waste.


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