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Continuous freezers

Teknoice S.r.l. Hall: 5 Stand: A5-28
  • Continuous freezers
  • Continuous freezers
  • Continuous freezers
Continuous freezers Continuous freezers Continuous freezers
Every Teknofreeze includes the following as standard: - 100% inverter-driven motors - Onboard PLC controlled by a touch screen panel - 100% made in Italy with all Italian/European materials and parts Teknofreeze FREON Freon continuous freezers are the plug and play solution for every ice cream producer. With their range of productivity between 90l/h and 2000l/h they can satisfy both the semi-industrial and large industrial ice cream producers. All Teknofreeze continuous freezers in the Freon range are available both with either piston or lobe pumps and they both require very little maintenance. Each with different technical capabilities that make them flexible and perfect both for semi-industrial and industrial ice cream. Teknofreeze CO2 The Teknofreeze CO2 models, with a productivity range between 50 l/h and 4000l/h, can satisfy any ice cream producer’s volumes. Choosing CO2 as refrigerant gas is the way of the future: it takes into account two main challenges of today. Being aware of our impact on the environment (global restricting laws) and the increasing quality in available frozen treat products, specifically ice cream and having a smaller solids percentage. How to pick the right Teknofreeze for you? This is often dependent on your local availability of FREON and CO2 or the other equipment and lines you already have. The type of ice cream or frozen treat you are wanting to produce will also have an impact. Best thing to do is to contact us so we can evaluate your situation and decide on the most suitable solution together.