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Confectionery Rack Oven

Mashhad Baking Industries Co. Hall: Hall 4 Stand: E4-4
Suitable for Baking kinds of Pastry, Cake, Cookies, Yeast Breads, and also Pizza; Suitable for Use in Industrial Kitchens and Catering; Homogeneous Baking; Equipped with Proofing Cabinet; Holder of ISO 9001:2015, CE Marking, UL Certification, and Russia GOST; Confectionery Rack Oven is designed especially for baking kinds of Pastries, Cakes, Cookies, and Yeast Breads by means of a Completely Indirect Heat System. Rack Oven can be provided as two models: with/without Steam System as per the needs. Recommended for Industrial Kitchens, Catering, Bread, or Pastry Shops. For the Baking process, the products are transferred to the Baking Chamber by means of a Dough Trolley; hot air reaches equally all products that obtain uniform baking. Advantages & Features Easy to Observe the Baking; Easy Use, Maintenance, Loading & Unloading of Rack Oven; High - Quality Baking with High Shelf Life, Perfect Color & Taste of Bread; Unique Oven Design & Appearance; Stainless Steel Body (Food Grade); Low Energy Consumption due to Special Thermal System by means of Indirect Heat System;


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