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cocoa powder

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  • cocoa powder
  • cocoa powder
cocoa powder cocoa powder
Cocoa powder is made of cocoa bean after fermentation, coarse crushing, peeling and other processes to get cocoa bean fragments (commonly known as cocoa cake), degreased and crushed by cocoa cake powder, namely cocoa powder. Cocoa powder can be divided into high, medium and low fat cocoa powder according to its fat content. According to different processing methods are divided into natural cocoa powder and alkalized cocoa powder. Medium fat cocoa with fat content: 10%-12% High fat cocoa with fat content: 20%-25% Feature: 1,strong aroma of cocoa 2,good taste, no burnt taste 3,silty fine without agglomerate 4,the aroma is rich and persistent Application: high-end chocolate, ice cream, confectionery, pastries and other foods containing cocoa


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  • Chocolate/Cocoa
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