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Cocoa butter deodorisers

TMCI Padovan S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-A34
  • Cocoa butter deodorisers
  • Cocoa butter deodorisers
  • Cocoa butter deodorisers
Cocoa butter deodorisers Cocoa butter deodorisers Cocoa butter deodorisers
A completely unique deodorisation system for Cocoa Butter: an exclusive system that needs no degumming or pre-treatment of butters. The Chemtech International Deodoriser is characterised by a specially designed system that provides for deodorisation of the Cocoa Butter with a minimum time/temperature history. The system is well proven in the industry world-wide and provides tremendous advantages over traditional systems, namely: a. Cocoa Butter is at deodorisation temperature for a very short time (less than a minute) compared to traditional processes (1-4 hours). The damage to the Cocoa Butter and tendency to off-flavour caused by extended holding times at high temperature are completely avoided. b. Because of the short hold time at high temperature, de-gumming of the Cocoa Butter is not required. This means less processing equipment and lower product losses in processing. c. The Chemtech International Deodoriser can produce "tailor-made" products for different applications. The deodorisation temperature can be varied to give the exact flavour of product required and because of the very small amount of in-flight product (less than 50 litres), the results of a process change can be tested immediately by the operator. d. The Chemtech International mixing nozzle and contactor are far smaller than the bulky batch and semi-continuous deodorisers. Factory space requirements, capital costs and installation costs are all greatly reduced. e. Since only 50 litres of product is in-flight in the deodoriser, start-up and shutdown times are extremely quick. For example, the deodoriser will start yielding finished product within 45 minutes of start-up from cold. f. Loss of free fatty acids and neutral Cocoa Butter are less in the Chemtech International Deodoriser than in batch or semi-continuous deodorisers.


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