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Chocolate filling machine

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Test MyMix For Free Search Chocolate filling machine Chocolate filling, ganache, frosting, icing or chocolate cream? A dear child has many names as it is with this popular smooth and thick chocolate paste often used for layers or inside cakes for filling. Short history about Chocolate fillings Chocolate filling or ganache is said to have originated back in Paris, around the 1850s, where a French pastry maker asked his assistant to melt chocolate and heat up cream. Not knowing the real procedure, the assistant did both and with little or no direction mixed the two compounds together. This infuriated the French pastry master who yelled at his assistant that the mixed compound was a total “ganache” which was an insult back in the day. Probably stemming from the French word “Ganacher” meaning to “slog” as if walking through mud or a mess. However, the pastry maker still decided to use the mixture calling it “Ganache” after his own insult, making it a huge success. However, you can discuss the name being quite fitting, after all, ganache is dark and thick kind a like mud. However, it is difficult to say where ganache truly originated as both Switzerland and France claim to have the original recipe. Why choose Limitech's chocolate filling machine Limitech has developed, built and constructed machines for the chocolate filling industry for decades. Limitech’s machines and process equipment guarantees a smooth chocolate filling with every batch.


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