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Cartoner 100c

Blueprint Automation B.V. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-B3
Solutions For Automated Erecting, Horizontal Side Loading & Closing Of Pre-Glued Cartons With Continuous Motion Depending on the products and cartons used, the Cartoner 100c can handle up to 160 pre-glued cartons per minute. Its Slimline architecture makes this a machine with a relatively small footprint in comparison to its capacity. The machine operates by grabbing blanks and erecting them with a twin-head rotary system. An integrated pre-erecting system ensures a very high carton erection efficiency. The stainless steel used in this machine follows a hygienic building principle. This makes the Cartoner 100c highly suitable for the food production industry. Main drive functions are servo-driven, resulting in highly controlled and accurate movements. Many reputable customers around the globe have opted for the Cartoner solutions designed and developed by BPA. Curious to find out how you can optimize your efficiency?


  • Food Safety & Quality
  • Metal Detection
  • Packaging
  • Case Closing Machines (Corrugated Board)
  • Case Erecting Machines ( Corrugated Board )
  • Case Form Fill and Seal Machines ( Corrugated Board )
  • Case Loading Machines
  • Tray Erectors
  • Tray Loaders
  • Vision Systems
  • Wrapping Machines


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