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Carborundum Peeling Machine CSM-20

KSK Quadra Machinery Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D48
  • Carborundum Peeling Machine CSM-20
  • Carborundum Peeling Machine CSM-20
Carborundum Peeling Machine CSM-20 Carborundum Peeling Machine CSM-20
Potato peeling machine CSM-20 • The peeling disc of the potato peeling machine can be taken out of the machine and has curves which makes the products circulate in the machine. Because of this circulation the products are peeled evenly on all sides. • There is very little space between the disc and the inside skin, which makes it possible that very small products like small potato can be peeled without losses. • The construction is compact and has a motor which is completely inside the machine. Because of the legs underneath the CSM-20, it is possible to easily clean the floor underneath the machine. The dismountable legs can be sized conform your preferences, before delivery of the machine. ? Options of the potato peeling machine CSM-20 • Pneumatic operation of the door, in case of use in a automatic production line. • A peeling machine with abrasive linen is also available. Because the abrasive linen of the wall is loosely clamped in the inside of the cylinder, it can be replaced quickly and easily. Also the peeling disc can be replaced easily. The peeling machine can be ordered with coarse abrasive linen or with fine polishing abrasive linen.


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