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Buffer Washer

S.T.V. di Salati Giovanni & C. S.N.C. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-B9
Machine designed for the washing and steam injection inside empty glass / PET / metal containers before filling. The cycle consists in 3 phases: 1st phase: washing by sprinkling nozzles fed by a low pressure centrifugal pump protected by filters. The pump is fed by the water contained in the hopper equipped with too-full device. The water comes from the Customer’s net. The pump is fitted with steam coil for water warming, thermostat for the water temperature regulation, thermometer, filter, electrovalve and condensate discharge device. 2nd phase: the inside of the containers is injected by a flow of steam controlled by a steam distribution manifold complete with electrovalve. 3rd phase: blowing of the containers in continuous by the air generated by a ring blower and a blowing manifold equipped with nozzles. The blower is fitted by a special air filter.


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