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Bearnaise machine

Limitech A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-46
Test MyMix For Free Search Bearnaise machine Limitech is the industrial steel manufacturer of machines to the convenience industry as for example bearnaise sauce. Bearnaise sauce is a sauce that originated from hollandaise, and Limitech’s machinery has been developed to guarantee a homogeneous and smooth result without destroying important particles in the sauce. Limitech’s LiMiX 3 is a machine guaranteeing perfect results for the process of bearnaise sauce. Process Equipment for bearnaise sauce The popular sauce has gained grounds in a large part of the world and used differently depending on region. However, it is often used on a perfectly grilled and charred steak or as a sauce over salmon and chicken, omelets or over eggs benedict. The history of bearnaise sauce Bearnaise sauce is a “child” of the mother sauce hollandaise, which is one of the five mother sauces in French Cuisine. The main difference is only found in the flavor. In appearance the delicious sauce is light yellow and opaque, smooth and creamy. The name has its origin related to the province of Bearn in France, where the sauce was accidentally invented by the chef Jean-Louis Francoise-Collinet, who also accidently invented puffed potatoes.


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