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Aligning Collating Multipackaging Machine (ACM)

Jongerius Hanco B.V. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-B3
The Aligning Collating Multipackaging Machine, or ACM, is designed to handle pre-packed individual servings of product directly from a vertical form fill machine (or Vff). The ACM is a fully automated multipackaging machine, used for packaging into pre-made, wicketed polybags. Product Handling Packs from the Vff pass through the Bag inspector and enter the ACM. Within the ACM the packs are aligned in the desired pattern and pushed into a pre-made sack that is then sealed by the integrated sealer. The finished multisack then drops from the machine. Performance The ACM can handle an infeed from the Vff of up to 140 packs per minute. The ACM can produce between 10 and 32 multipacks per minute, depending on the desired configuration and weight (grams) of the packs. Packaging Because of the neat alignment of the packs within the multisack, the outer sacks can be transparent. However, packaging into printed sacks, paper bags, or neutral non-transparent film belongs to the options as well. Furthermore, Jongerius Hanco encourages the use of compostable plastics which the ACM is totally compatible with. These plastics are industrially- and home compostable and therefore a environmental-friendly alternative to ordinairy plastic sacks. Combinations The ACM can be combined with the following Jongerius Hanco machines: Bag inspector and Waste suction Unit.


  • Inspecting & Checking
  • Leak Tests
  • Packaging
  • Multipacking Machines
  • Sealing Machines


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