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Spray system replaces film interleaves for sliced products

Multivac Middle East FZE Hall: Hall 1 Stand: C1-42
Spray system replaces film interleaves for sliced products
Now MULTIVAC is presenting a versatile spray system, which has been specially developed for packing sliced sausage, ham and cheese or ve-gan alternatives. The solution can even be used with wafer-thin cut portions (e.g. shaved meat), for which the classic interleaver is not suitable. The space-saving spray system can be easily integrated into new or ex-isting slicer lines. The individual slices are presented very attractively in the pack. Above all however, the slices do not stick to each other, and they can be removed cleanly by the consumer. The functioning principle is simple - and perfectly designed for the product The precision nozzles on the new spray system atomise a liquid inter-leaving medium, which is both odourless and tasteless and can be tai-lored to the particular properties, e.g. fat content, of the sliced product. The interleaving medium is applied evenly to the underside of the slices. The taste, quality and shelf life of the product are not impaired. The solution also however offers further benefits - particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness. “During our reference calculations, in which we simulated the slicing and packing of cheese, the typical film interleaves made of polystyrene generated total costs of around 3,800 euros per day. The daily costs for the interleaving liquid on the other hand amounted to only 425 euros - this equates to a saving of 85 percent,” explains Manfred Achenbach Senior Vice President of the Slicing Busi-ness Unit. The total time involved in refilling the interleaving liquid is up to 95 percent less than that for replenishing and threading the interleav-er rolls. Other benefits of the spray system include: less storage space required, longer service life of slicer blades, and also less use of materi-als.

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