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GFM Exhibitor Press Releases


Sari Mas Permai's RBD Coconut Oil

PT. SARI MAS PERMAI Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-G44
Sari Mas Permai's RBD Coconut Oil
RBD CNO of Sari Mas Permai produced using modern food safety technology and was handled by professional human resources. The quality of RBD CNO of Sari Mas Permai was evaluated and monitored by QC/QA team starting from raw material selection process, production process, packaging process, to the delivery preparation process. Regarding product safety, Sari Mas Permai has received a certificate from FSSC 22000, whereas producers who have FSSC certificate, their products they produce are definitely safe, fit for consumption, and far from risk. Along the way of our journey, Sari Mas Permai's RBD CNO, both Welcolin and Bentoel, have been distributed into several countries of all continents. It signifies that the quality of Sari Mas Permai product is safe and trusted. Which industries can use RBD Coconut Oil? There are several industries that can use RBD Coconut Oil, starting from the food industries to the health and beauty industries. For the food industry, RBD CNO is not only used in the frying process, but RBD CNO is also capable of being a support ingredient for the food production process. For example in creamer production, chocolate, ice cream, biscuit, candy, instant noodles, and many more. While in the beauty industry, the positive benefits of Coconut Oil are no doubt . Several industries who uses RBD CNO products are manufacturers of bath soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and cosmetic producers. There are several packaging options available for RBD CNO products: Flexi Bags That can hold 20 - 21.5 tons. Drum with a capacity of 200 liters / 190 Kgs. Tote bags woth a capacity of 915 Kgs of RBD CNO. BIB / Jerrycan BIB stands for Bag in Box, Both BIB and Jerrycan can accommodate of 18kg/20 liters. Box that can supply through 20 Kg.