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Same passion, new graphic

Sarp Food Technologies Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-C12
Same passion, new graphic
For over 30 years Sarp has been operating in the food product market, with a passion for technology and innovations. We always think about what is behind a good plate of pasta or the hidden process behind ice cream or fruit juice and we think about putting our own ideas, with our customizations and with our knowledge. We are never satisfied with the final result; we constantly develop to have the best product. This time we wanted to renew ourselves by thinking of a new interface for our website. The challenge was to present everything Sarp produces clearly and interestingly, trying to make it clear immediately what our products are and where our machines can be applied. It is clear that Sarp's production is primarily divided into two macro sectors: MACHINES AND PLANTS FOR PASTA and THERMAL TREATMENT PLANTS FOR FOOD PRODUCTS. But if the separation between fresh and dry pasta is clear for the pasta itself, presenting the specification of the machines and the production, such as presses, cookers, and coolers, the thermal treatment systems are much more complex to understand immediately. In the spiral systems sector, we are talking about treatments with different temperatures combined with different types of products: from bread to cheeses, from fruit juices to meat. It was necessary to create a web navigation system that would highlight the different types of treatment: cooling, freezing, pasteurization, and proofing. Each type of treatment is directly related to the type of food product to which it refers and hence the specification of the applications used: bakery, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, ice cream, and other food products. The graphic restyling was intended to make the website more attractive and at the same time usable, eliminating the signs of aging, and continuing to

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