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Interview with Chetan Jain, the author of ‘5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves’

Taurus Packaging Pvt Ltd. Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-E56
Interview with Chetan Jain, the author of ‘5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves’
At the 9th Specialty Films and Flexible Packaging Conference Chetan Jain, an executive director for Taurus Packaging, released a book named “5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves.” Chetan Jain is an industry mentor and expert in Shrink Sleeves subject. Labels Flexibles and More asked him about his latest book. Please tell us about your experience in the flexible packaging industry? I am an executive director for Taurus Packaging. We are one of the leading experts in shrink sleeves packaging. Since 2008, when I joined the business as a second-generation entrepreneur, Shrink Sleeves had been my core subject. I spent much time understanding shrink sleeves and their global trends. I have learned a lot from this industry. In 2019 I wrote my first book and shared my learning experience of shrink sleeves with the industry. It focused on FMCG SME companies. Now, this is my second book, where I focus on the sustainability of Shrink Sleeves. What is the prime purpose of this book? We have heard about sustainability en-number times, but no one is talking about sustainability for shrink sleeves. Though few brands have taken steps towards recycling shrink sleeves, but those are baby steps. There are many misconceptions because everyone has their definition of recycling shrinks sleeves; whether it’s a brand, converter, or film manufacturer, everyone has their own term. So the purpose of this book is to collate all the information and make a helpful guide for any packaging professional, students, packaging employees, brand owners, CEO, and other professionals. What has motivated you to write this book? Taurus Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of shrink sleeves. We are the only company in India to follow the HIP guidelines for shrink sleeves which has multiple advantages across the industry. We are also leading the industry innovation and

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