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Exhibitor Press Releases


CEHUMA Shines At TURABEXPO 23, The Premier Turkish Arabic Exhibition In Istanbul

CEHUMA Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 319
CEHUMA, a prominent provider of advanced packaging solutions, made a remarkable impression at TURABEXPO 23 in Istanbul. This highly anticipated exhibition, known as the Turkish Arabic Exhibition, took place at the Pullman Hotel & Convention Center from 14th to 15th June. With a focus on attracting visitors primarily from the Arab world, this event provided an ideal platform for CEHUMA to showcase its expertise in form fill seal machines and thermoform vacuum & MAP packaging machines. At our booth, we highlighted CEHUMA's exceptional range of form fill seal machines, designed to cater to various product types such as water, juice, ketchup, mayo, honey, jam, chocolate paste, and more. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the speed, efficiency, and versatility of our machines as they seamlessly packaged a diverse array of products. The demonstrated capabilities of our form fill seal machines left attendees impressed with their ability to streamline packaging processes and ensure product integrity. In addition, CEHUMA showcased our cutting-edge thermoform vacuum and MAP packaging machines, which specifically target industries such as meat, dairy, poultry, seafood, and bakery. Visitors witnessed the advanced technology and precision of our machines as they delivered exceptional packaging solutions. The demonstrated applications of our thermoform vacuum and MAP packaging machines underscored their ability to extend shelf life, enhance product freshness, and preserve the quality of perishable goods. The participation of CEHUMA at TURABEXPO 23 attracted a wide range of industry professionals, customers, and potential partners from the Arab world. Our dedicated team engaged in insightful discussions, sharing their expertise and knowledge with attendees. We were delighted to showcase the capabilities of our machines, addressing specific packaging requirements and providing innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our Arab clients. CEHUMA expresses sincere gratitude to all who visited our booth at TURABEXPO 23.


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