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Breaking the myth between PVC and PET-G

Taurus Packaging Pvt Ltd. Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-E56
Breaking the myth between PVC and PET-G
Chetan Jain, executive director, Taurus Packaging, who recently published a book titled ‘Sleeve It Right: 7 Secrets of Shrink Sleeves not known to India’s FMCG Businesses’, debunks the myths surrounding PVC shrink films. PVC shrink films have ruled the Indian packaging industry for the longest time. However, due to issues associated with PVC, a need was felt to find an alternative material that could potentially replace PVC. Several different polymers were introduced and tested in the market but saw little success. Finally, PET-G was born. With this, the packaging industry had found the best shrink sleeve yet. However, questions remained. Is it practical and even possible to replace PVC altogether? Is PVC truly all bad and PET-G all good? Can PET-G shrink films offer the same quality and finish as PVC shrink films? Do companies have the resources, knowhow and infrastructure to use PET-G packaging material for all types, shapes and sizes of containers? Through this article, I aim to break through some common myths about PVC and PET-G and provide an objective and practical understanding of both materials; their uses, benefits and pitfalls so you can make the correct choice for your business.


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