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GFM Exhibitor Press Releases



Chr. Agathangelou Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-E47
Agathangelou is a European process engineering company carrying more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of plants and equipment in the dairy sector. Its automatic paneer production lines offer reduced handling and improved yield due to less human involvement and more standardized production; they consist of the highest automation level where the operators’ interface is minimal, allowing to be focused on supervision. The final paneer shape can be rectangular or in blocks with the possibility of paneer cubes when opting for the additional cutting/dicing equipment. Adding IQF or other freezing equipment on this production line can provide frozen paneer. Agathangelou recommends the automatic lines for large-scale production capacities of specific product characteristics and recipes. These automatic lines can process 6,000 lt/h &12,000 lt/h of milk. Thus, capacities of 1000-2000 kg cheese/hour or 48-96 tons milk/shift are estimated. These paneer production lines utilize closed type 600L vats for consistent product output in every batch. Precisely engineered, laser-slit moulds render the use of cheese cloths obsolete, eliminating the biggest source of contamination in similar lines. Additionally, the fully stainless-steel moulds provide extended lifetime and no risk of product contamination due to mould fractions. Plastic moulds are an option according to client’s preference. The main advantages of Agathangelou’s newest lines, depending on the automation level and configuration, are: milk to packaged cheese in less than 4 hours, max efficiency and productivity, configurable final product output sizes by using automatic in-line cutting machine, FIFO (First in – First out) operation in all production stages providing consistent output, fully stainless-steel moulds for extended lifetime and no risk of product contamination due to mould fractions, 6,000 L/h automatic line can be configured for future expansion to 12,000 L/h automatic line and optimized utility consumption during engineering design.

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