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Automatic Halloumi & Grilled Cheese Production Lines by Agathangelou, at the country of Halloumi’s Origin

Chr. Agathangelou Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-E47
Automatic Halloumi & Grilled Cheese Production Lines by Agathangelou, at the country of Halloumi’s Origin
Halloumi, the traditional Cypriot semi-hard pasteurized cheese, is the flagship product for which Agathangelou has been designing and manufacturing production lines for more than 60 years, capitalizing on its Cypriot origin and expertise, marking the company as the one with the longest-standing experience worldwide in the halloumi cheese process engineering. These production lines span the entire lifecycle of halloumi production, from start to finish. They are also appropriate for similar cheese types such as grillkase , hellim / Helim, grilled cheese, flavored grilled cheese (mint or spices), , arabic cheese and non-melting cheese. Agathangelou’s automatic halloumi production lines consist of the highest automation level where the operators’ interface is minimal, allowing to be focused on supervision. These production lines are recommended for large scale production capacities of specific product characteristics and recipes, are equipped with double-O cheese vats and the estimated capacities are 1000-3000 kg cheese/hour or 50-150 tons milk/shift. The advantages of these production lines are numerous, depending on the automation level and configuration; minimal giveaway increasing the return on investment, max efficiency and productivity, complete product in 3 hours, configurable product dimensions when using the same production line, smart curd handling and robotic integration, fully stainless-steel moulds for extended lifetime and no risk of product contamination due to moulds, traceability and automatic reporting options (Tools for Continued Efficiency), ergonomic design, re-use and enhancement of brine and flavoring options. With our lines we have the ability for configurable output sizes of various shapes (rectangular, blocks, stacked slices, cubes, burger, sticks, folded or unfolded) with the necessary equipment. Agathangelou is a highly specialized process engineering company in Cyprus, supplying industry leaders worldwide with innovative solutions in terms of the design and manufacture of plants and equipment in the dairy sector. Meet its experts at GFM, Stand S1-E47 Sheikh Saeed Halls.