2022 Exhibitor Brochures



Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
Promptly meeting all market requirements has always been FBR ELPO’s mission, a leading company in the aseptic filling sector. Entirely automatic and boasting an excellent performance, the WEB (BAG IN BOX) range was designed to fill pre-sterilised bags of 3 to 20 litres in a continuous feed. The cutting-edge technology is combined with great versatility, rendering the WEB model a bestseller worldwide. Originally perceived for low-acidity dairy sector products, the line turned out to be perfect for the food industry. Subsequently, both beverages and products with chunks can be easily processed with the WEB range: - UHT milk, milkshakes, cream and whipped cream. - Fruit and tomato juices, purees and concentrates. - Diced tomatoes and tomato pulp. - Pizza sauce. Maximum resistance and constructive rationality are guaranteed by the choice of materials used: the WEB structures are entirely made from 304 stainless steel, while all the parts in contact with the product are made from 316L stainless steel. Thanks to its significant flexibility, the WEB range can work with bags that use any type of spout available on the BAG IN BOX market, including those supplied with product emptying valves and taps, which are particularly indicated for the dispensers. The spouts can in fact be both of the “short neck” and “long neck” types, positioned in the centre of the bag or in a corner. Another distinctive feature is the possibility to sterilise the cap either with chemical agents or simply by using steam. An innovative transportation system for the bags inside the aseptic area, realised via spaced sectors, enables you to keep both the sterilisation tunnel and the filler head entirely closed off and isolated from the external environment, even in the lower advancement spout area.