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Naturin Viscofan GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-E4
Viscofan has been facilitating access to food for millions of households around the world for nearly 50 years through its casings, with its own technological development and a remarkable global presence that allows it to distribute its products to more than 100 countries across every continent. Its purpose: Reshaping food and wellbeing. For many, for long, contributes to access to basic food, a fundamental pillar of people‘s nutrition and wellbeing. Reshaping food and wellbeing means that Viscofan´s technology and global presence give it a unique position to be able to shape a better world. For many: a purpose with which it wants to reach many people because, while maintaining its essence, its scope of action is for everyone. For long: Viscofan wants to do this by generating an impact that is maintained over time through sustainability, in future projects. In addition to the casings sector, Viscofan also provides solutions and products in other areas related to access to nutrition and wellness. Its cellulosic, collagen and fibrous casings have gained the trust of its customers, making it a world leader in the sector. This is a responsibility that encourages Viscofan to continue innovating and looking for new solutions for its customers. Viscofan has developed other products such as tubular plastics solutions, packaging new edible casings, functional solutions and nutra-medical-pharma products. In addition to this diversification activity, the company has plans to use its know-how as a catalyst for innovations to expand into new markets with attractive growth trends in the fields of food, wellness and health.

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