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Naturin Viscofan GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-E4
The taste, colour and components of a food product are key factors that determine its success in the market. One of Viscofan’s challenges is to find solutions that connect with consumer tastes but at the same time, are efficient for your food business. For this reason, we have developed ediLEAF, a new disruptive technology focused on flavouring food, which will help you respond to new consumer trends while efficiently reducing costs. Food flavouring is nothing new in the food industry, but ediLEAF is the next thing for sure! Viscofan has developed better performing and more versatile solutions that offer endless flavouring possibilities. ediLEAF is an innovative food functional product. It is developed from polysaccharides, which allow the transfer of flavours, colours and active components to different foods. ediLEAF is a transparent edible film, which disappears when it comes into contact with the moisture from the food product. Once prepared, the final product will have a remarkable added value and can be consumed directly. Our range consists of 2 lines with a wide variety of flavours: • Spices in 3 levels of coverage: high, medium and low. • Marinades and sauces.

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