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Vertical Packaging Machines

Hipomak Packaging Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-G22
Vertical packaging machines are used for packing different products (food and non-food) into different style of bags that shaped by the packaging machine from the film roll. The direction of the movement of the film on the tube of the packaging machine is vertical – downwards. The vertical packaging machines work in two different motions; Intermittent Motion for normal speed and high performance continuous motion designed for high speed requirement. HIPOMAK packaging machines are the first in Turkey in terms of its mechanic, digital electronics and technology. Efficiency is the most important aspect of HIPOMAK packaging machines. They could be designed in every needed size. So, this is accepted as an evidence for sealing quality, efficiency and weight sensitivity. They works under a high security precaution, they have been designed to work 24 hours. They are Suitable for different types of filling system; multi-head weighers, Linear Weighers, volumetric dozing systems, Auger screw filling units.


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