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THE POWER OF plant based drinks

ProXES GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J4
HELPING YOU MAKE MORE THAN JUST MILK. In addition to our grinding expertise, ProXES also offers a wide range of solutions for the production of plantbased cheese, yogurt or ice-cream. For example, our multifunctional vacuum process systems combine steps such as mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, heating, cooling and deaerating in one machine. This helps you make the most of your raw materials to create a range of plant-based products. One of the byproducts of plant-based milk production is so-called ‘okara’. Okara is often discarded or given to the feed industry, yet it still contains a great deal of value, such as highquality protein and dietary fibre. With ProXES, you can process okara further and use it as a basis for high value raw ingredients. FUTURE-PROOF YOUR FOOD PRODUCTION Consumers have clearly shifted their preferences and are looking for a wider variety of alternatives to conventionally produced foods. Plant-based options are clearly here to stay and will continue to expand in future. Capitalise on emerging trends and ensure that your production can maximise gains by investing in quality machinery. At ProXES, we’re not just a provider, we’re your partner and will work together with you to develop the best solutions for your business. PLANT-BASED: YOGURT ICE CREAM CHEESE

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