2022 Exhibitor Brochures


Smoking chamber Compact

Mauting Hall: Hall 2 Stand: C2-18
It enables to provide automatic thermal processing of smoked pro-ducts as reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking, cooking and baking. The chamber is suitable for smoking of all types of smoked products, e.g. frankfurters, sausages, salamis, meat, poultry, fi sh, cheese, etc. It can be used for smoking of products in both natural and artifi - cial casings. The chamber is fi tted to thermal processing of ham and similar products in moulds or impermeable casings. It also facilitates roasting of meat loaf and similar products. The perfect construction provides for excellent insulation, consistence and a long service life. The core temperature sensor is an integral part of the chamber. The regulator allows product processing according to the “Delta- T” method, which helps to improve product yield and quality and at the same time reduce energy costs. The microprocessor control system guarantees automatic operation of the whole technological process and washing. Standardly the chambers are fi tted with regulator M2015 with memory for 99 programs. The VisuNet program enables data collection, evidence and storage and a remote access to the chamber control from the PC. The smoke generator is integrated to the door of the chamber. Smoke is generated by smouldering of wooden chips with the regulated air access. The whole process of the smoke generation is controlled by the microprocessor.