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PureBelt™? Fixed Conveyor Cleaning System

Goodway Technologies Corporation Hall: Hall 4 Stand: D4-41
PUREBELT™ — Clean-in-Place Solution If your facility uses flat belt conveyors, the PureBelt™ fixed brushless system is the solution to increase cleaning and sanitation performance. This system is designed to be permanently affixed to your conveyor belt framing to deliver clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning of flat conveyor belts and is helpful in various production environments, including dry clean environments like bakeries, snack plants, confectionery plants, and sensitive industrial settings. The PureBelt™ fixed systems reduce production downtime and labor costs by automating flat conveyor belt cleaning. A PureBelt™ fixed brushless conveyor belt system continuously cleans conveyor belts during production – leaving rollers and structure of the conveyor clean, greatly reducing the time needed for sanitation/ changeovers. It uses the power of “dry” steam to clean and sanitize using 90% less water than other cleaning methods. Vacuum extraction quickly removes soils like sugars, fats, oils, allergens, and more, leaving belts dry and clean.

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