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Selmi Chocolate Machinery Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-E34
Oneshot ICE is the first machine on the market able to dose simultaneously two products: hot and cold. The machine is designed by adopting patented structural modifications that allow the two products to be joined quickly and easily. Designed and created to meet the needs of the market that for years tried to connect the world of chocolate with the ice cream one, similar and united for commercial needs but, at the same time, distant from each other in terms of seasonality and structure. We therefore believe we have found the answer to combine these two fantastic products and satisfy the market with a simple and intuitive processing. The results are amazing products that open the door to a lot of applications. Who was ONESHOT ICE designed for? The answer is very simple, FOR EVERYONE: Ice cream, chocolate and pastry shops. Each laboratory will be free to express themselves and propose innovative and imaginative products. The Oneshot ice is polyvalent as it can be traditionally used for the production of snacks and classic pralines or, optionally, for the production of snacks and ice cream pralines. OneShot ICE is a simultaneous dosing machine suitable for making filled products in a single operation: pralines, snacks, ice cream biscuits on a polycarbonate or acetate mold, single-portion double flavor verrine, boules, eggs and three-dimensional products with special features. Oneshot injects chocolate and ice cream fillings in different percentages, times and ways, depending on the operator's requests, producing, in a single operation, the external chocolate shell and the inside of the product. A tempering machine, located behind the dispenser, feeds the chocolate in a continuous cycle by recirculating it on the pump body. The filling is manually fed through the thermo-regulated hopper. A comfortable and intuitive touch screen control panel allows to manage all functions

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