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GFM Exhibitor Brochures


Non-GMO Soya Flours

Deesan Agro-Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-37
Deesan's Non-GMO Flour Products: 1. Defatted Soya Flours (Un-Toasted) 2. Defatted Soya Flours (Toasted) 3. Full Fat Soya Flour Applications: 1. Raw material for Texturized Vegetable Proteins (TVPs). 2. Manufacturing of Soy Protein Isolates/ Concentrates. 3. Fortification of snacks and various food products. 4. Used as bakery improver and whitner. 5. Manufacturing of non-fat soya milk. 6. Thickener for gravies, soups etc. 7. Protein for Pharmaceutical Fermentation. 8. Diet food and infant food formulations. 9. Ready flour mixes, baking improvers, food mixes.

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