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Natec Network ShearTherm with M4E Datasheet

Hochland Natec GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-G40
The Gold Peg ShearTherm is specifically developed to include basic process requirements and extensive shear and emulsification options, in a modular design that can be individually adapted to the customers’ needs. Many processes are combined and controlled in the small ShearTherm footprint, delivering maximum process, recipe and application flexibility. With full control of all process functions it delivers excellent finished product characteristics and quality – even with particles! The ShearTherm is the perfect choice for high powder concentrated and plant-based products. In combination with our innovative and unique Magnet for Emulsion (M4E) technology, together with a special multi directional pre-mixer and agitator, it delivers short and efficient mixing of all ingredients. The integrated vacuum system and different homogenization units, each with controlled variable speed, guarantees a very high repeatability, short batch cycles, 100 % homogeneous and lump free product. Product heating utilises unique Gold Peg direct steam injection while temperature is accurately monitored by Gold Peg self-cleaning temperature probes.


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