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GFM Exhibitor Brochures



Gasparin Brevetti Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-E12
Mod. 3000 Horizontal slicer with 1 cutting disk. 1. Suited for partial horizontal slicing of products 2. Cutting head with a single circular disk for one cutting line Mod. 5000 Horizontal slicer with 2 cutting disks. 3. Suited for partial horizontal slicing of products 4. Cutting head with two circular disks for two cutting lines 5. Inlet and outlet conveyor belts; upper belt with adjustable height designed to accompany the product towards the blade and lower belt with lateral product guides 6. Independent cutting disk height and depth adjustment 7. Conveyor belt advance speed adjustable by gearmotor 8. Electric panel with centralized controls; electric emergency devices built to standards and plexiglass protection screen 9. Sturdy painted steel support structure mounted on 2 wheels and 2 adjustable feet