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Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
The aseptic filler MINI WEB is designed for the filling and packaging of a wide range of products, liquid and with pieces, (also low and high acid), such as milk, cream, ice-cream basis, natural fruit juices and concentrates, tea, etc. by using bags from 3 to 25 Litres with manual feeding. By means of an appropriate device, it is also possible to fill 200 litres drums. FBR ELPO aseptic filler MINI WEB is characterized by a great flexibility in handling any kind of spout/cap available on the BAG IN BOX market, including those with dispensing pipes, using the appropriate devices that can be replaced without losing sterility inside the product pipe. Spouts can be “short neck” or “long neck” type, placed in the centre or in the corner of the bag. The spout can be sterilized with steam in case it is heat-resistant and the product to be filled has high acidity or by means of sterilizing agents in case the spout is not heat-resistant or the product does not have high acidity. In the filling chamber, there is a constant jet of sterile air that, together with a controlled atomization of disinfectant solution, guarantees the maintenance of the sterile conditions in the chamber. The dosage of the product inside the bag is volumetric, controlled by a magnetic flowmeter (or mass on request) and a dosing valve. At the end of the dosage of the product and before the repositioning of the cap, a jet of steam cleans the inner surface of the spout.

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