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Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
Recommended for small productions, the MINI aseptic filler is the essential and manual version by FBR ELPO. Fitted with fixed filling head, it has been designed to fill 2 - 200 L bags. Efficient, reliable and above all made to assure complete product integrity, thanks to the aseptic and flexibility features, the machine is perfect to handle products such as tomato and fruit concentrate, puréed fruit, concentrates for clear fruit juices, milk, fruit juices or purées even with small pieces in suspension. The MINI filler may be produced with 1” or 2” filling head: in the 1” version the cap and spout may be sterilised with steam only. The 2” version supports the use of either 1” or 2” caps, sterilised by steam only or with chemical agents. The experience and technology of FBR ELPO make the difference: the machines have design features that assure automatic disinfection with chemical solution or steam, better control and time savings, also thanks to the electric control panel with touch screen keypad and controls. Depending on the product and its feeding, the operative speed of the MINI filler may reach up to 5,000 Kg/h.

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