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Mil-tek Baler Model 2205 for Cardboard & Plastic

Mil-tek Middle East Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 410
The Mil-tek 2205 baler has a large capacity relative to its size. It has a small footprint size and is ideal for businesses that produce up to around 120kg of plastic and/or 60kg cardboard waste every week. > Bale plastic, cardboard and other material > Ergonomic, easy, clean and safe > Low on noise, low on energy > Small, fast & efficient > Large door opening > Constant pressure - high compaction degree > Manageable bale size PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The Mil-tek 2205 is a small footprint solution that can be installed in almost any location and contribute to a clean and safe working environment. It has a floor space footprint of just .29cm² and features a deep pressing chamber capable of making a bale up to 120kg (plastic). The enhanced EN16500 safety and the operational features makes the Mil-tek 2205 an ergonomic, easy and safe machine to use. A cycle counter tracks the number of cycles the waste press goes through over time, and the bale-out indicator tells you when it's time to start a new bale. As with all our EN16500 range balers, the 2205 baler is powered exclusively by compressed air, making it cleaner, safer and more efficient. Typically used for baling cardboard and plastic, it can also be used for mixed waste and other materials.