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Mango peeler mod. PL6M

PND Srl Hall: Hall 2 Stand: C2-18
The PL6M is a semi-automatic peeling machine with six processing heads, specially dedicated to peeling mango and kiwi. The machine is manually fed and has a pneumatic air mechanism that allows external peeling. In this way all the fruits, even when not calibrated, can be peeled easily for maximum yield. The machine features an electric panel equipped with two inverters: one for the regulation of the speed of the fruit and one for the speed of the blade. The fruit is loaded into the appropriate loading space by the operator. The automatic mechanism captures it and places the fruit on two special tubes with spike rollers. Here, the fruit turns and is peeled at an adjustable speed. This machine is able to peel from 35 to 40 mangoes and kiwis per minute. It is equipped with: • Peeled product conveyor belt. • Dimensions: 200×2200 mm

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