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Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machines

VBS Trade DMCC Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 345
A) Reducing production charges: You can decrease the weight of the PET bottles for about 5 grams each and for example if the speed of filler is 10.000 bottles/hour, you will save 50 Kg of packing material every hour. B) Shelf life increase: While you drop Liquid Nitrogen inside the bottle after filling and before capping, the air which contains Oxygen will be eliminated from the head space and therefore , you will not have any oxidation inside the bottles and taste with color remains unchanged. C) Avoid Deformation: In hot filling, you will have deformation on bottles due to contraction of product. By using Liquid Nitrogen, you will have positive pressure inside the bottles and no deformation happens anymore. D) Better Labeling : Since bottles becomes more strong, labels will stick to the body better specially in OPP labels. E) Transportation: Bottles will be strong and you can add one more pallet and do not transport the Air.

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