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Let's Get Smarter with AutoCoding Systems

John Bean Technologies AB Hall: Hall 4 Stand: D4-42
As a global provider of automation solutions to factory production and packaging areas, AutoCoding Systems has developed a suite of modular software products to facilitate processes such as coding management, packaging verification, device integration, data collection and reporting and more recently, automatic print, product and packaging inspection using 4Sight vision technology. The entry level web-based AutoCoding product can be used to set-up and control packaging line devices, such as coders, barcode scanners and inspection equipment, irrespective of brand. Our extensive library of device drivers for a wide variety of coding, labelling, scanning and inspection equipment means that the solution is compatible with most types of packaging line devices. The centralized application automatically deploys secure set-up and message data to one or more packaging line devices, thereby reducing downtime, as well as eliminating the risk of coding and packaging errors. The resulting business benefits include increased speed and reliability of line set-up, reduced job changeover time, reduced risk of human error and the ability to manage complex packaging formats. The AutoCoding solution has already been implemented on over 1200 packaging lines globally, saving time and money by delivering packaging line automation solutions which help to eliminate human errors in date coding and packaging configuration management. The system can be accessed from any web-enabled device, such as a PC, Smartphone or tablet giving you remote access to your production lines and, with comprehensive line reports and a 100% audit log, you’ll have full traceability of all packaging line events.

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