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L- Sealer Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Ozcagdas Makina Ins. Gida San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-J48
K5L Series consists of two parts, “Sealing unit” and “Shrink Tunnel”. It has been developed by Özçagdas Makina to serve the demand of the sectors, such as food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, medical, paint, printing press, automotive, hardware etc. The product is inserted into the shrink film by the operator and fixed in the sealing area. The L- bar sealing is operated with the cutting-sealing button or the timed mode. With conveyor belt the product is transfered to the shrink tunnel. With temperature inside the tunnel film (PVC/POF) tightly wraps product with four sides closed. Shrink film, which is cooled by fan at the tunnel exit, provides a good image to the product.

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