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JEROS Utensil Washers

Jeros A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-42
JEROS are specialists in cleaning critical process equipment and produce washing solutions for the food and processing industry, where there are high demands and focus on hygiene and at the same time achieving an efficient production flow. Automating the washing process An automated washing process ensures the same effective result every time, every day. It ensures a high level of continuously uniformity and food safety as the system washes with an temperature 52°C and rinses with 85°C. Hereby ensuring disinfection of the equipment/components from the process lines possible without any bacterial or listeria leftovers. Kills bacteria and boosts productivity In recent years we have seen an ever-increasing focus on hygiene from the industry. With certification from Eurofins Steins, JEROS can guarantee a bacteria-free (listeria/salmonella) washing result within only 3 or 6 minutes wash cycle. The washing solution is designed to ensure the highest quality, where no compromises are made with the food safety and to avoid cross-contamination. JEROS imparts a general increased hygiene standard with this fully automatic washing solution. Avoid cross-contamination In a competitive everyday life, it is essential to identify ways in which it is possible to optimize the production flow and at the same time secure the hygiene safety and eliminate the risk. Therefore, it is crucial to choose washing solutions that help maintain a high level of hygiene, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between different production batches. Minimize the unproductive wash downtime Investment in automating the washing process has a short payback time, as the downtime associated with manual cleaning is massively less. At same time it ensures the lowest possible consumption of water, chemicals and electricity, which brings a number of benefits to the environment and sustainability. With the investment in an industrial washing solution, the food company can significantly increase its output.

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