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JEROS Universal Crate Washers

Jeros A/S Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-42
With the JEROS Crate Washer, it is possible to clean 150 - 500 Crates per hour. The JEROS Universal Machine is easy to use and ideal for multiple users. The control panel is sturdy but simple, and can be fitted on either the left or right side. The machines can be supplied for one-man operation, either with operation from the top with a crate turner or with a discharge belt with rollers. Model 200-200XL is designed with a special tunnel tilt function, which allows problem-free cleaning of the washing tunnel. A unique washing system with four rotating washing arms guarantees optimum cleaning. No hold-downs, so objects don’t have to be sorted according to size. The filter is designed in the form of a drawer, which provides easy access for cleaning. JEROS Universal Machine uses only fresh water for the final rinse. The clean water is heated to 85°C through a heat exchanger. Model 300 washes with an extremely high pressure (4-4,5 bar). It is a strong industrial machine with a large capacity. 2 side doors provide an easy access to the washing- and rinse zone and make the cleaning of the machine much easier. Soap and rinse liquid cans can be stored in the machine.