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IPEROX COMBI - Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for Nutrition Intact

Indian Peroxide Limited Hall: Concourse 1 Stand: CC1-18
Concept - Aseptic Processing -- Major advancement over alternative forms of sterilization and shelf stability. -- Allows perishable items to be stored & shipped without refrigeration. -- Helps in saving costs at every step of supply chain. -- Hydrogen Peroxide is applied on packaging surface prior to filling. -- Effective in avoiding microbial contamination of UHT sterilized food products. -- Allows use for immersion/bath process. IPEROX COMBI Product Type -- Clear, colourless liquid. -- Lightly stabilized. -- Meets FCC Codex global specifications. -- 100% miscible with water in all proportions. -- Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Technology & Applications -- Based on Swedish technology. -- Eco-friendly solution using aseptic techniques. -- To be used without dilution in machines. -- Formulated for use in SIG Combibloc machines. -- Allows better tasting of food products with higher quality than conventional bottling & canning. Advantages -- High purity, strong antimicrobial & oxidising agent. -- Sterilises aseptic packaging containers to improve shelf life of food products. -- Sustains elevated temperatures during packaging. Stable concentration during 120 hours machine production. -- Minimal residue on hot squeegee rollers. -- Helps in maintaining regular operation time between cleaning cycles. -- Helps in achieving desired microbial reduction, better health, wellness & nutrients in the food product. Features -- High purity & no toxic residue. -- Decomposes to form water and oxygen. -- Available in 30 kg Carboys, IBC, Drums and Tankers. -- Can be easily dosed into any process with a metering pump or through gravity feed. -- Compatible with high purity aluminium (99.5%), SS 304L, SS 316L, approved grades of HDPE.