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Eris Flour Mills Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-M4
FROM FARM TO YOUR FORK Behind NUDO, which was launched in 2013, is a two-year research and development process led by Erisler Gida, one of Turkiye’s pioneer wheat flour producers. The content of NUDO is simply natural as it contains only wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt and spices. No MSG has been added to NUDO and nothing unnatural such as food coloring, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial flavors has been added either. NUDO is so easy to prepare; it only takes 3 minutes and some hot water to prepare the whole NUDO package. The NUDO products are available in 70 gram Cup, 80 gram Bags and 300 gram dry noodles. 70 gram cups and 80 gram bags come with flavors such as tomato, traditional, curry and vegetable along with ready-made sauces while 300 grams of Sofra Plain and Sofra Eggs are packed without any additional ingredients. The delicious noodles of the NUDO Sofra types may be prepared by cooking in a pan with butter for 2-3 minutes and then be served mixing with vegetables, chicken, seafood or the sauce of your choice added. This practical and delicious product offers you the meal you need in your daily rush, quickly and economically. It saves your time and energy. Moreover, all our NUDO products are certified Halal food by GIMDES. The care we show for our work and our understanding of providing healthy and reliable foods are crowned with the European Taste Awards certificate in 2016, 2018 and 2021