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I.M.A.R. Itlay

I.M.A.R. S.r.l. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-A10
production of wafer ice cream cones and cups and delicious wafer products with custom-made design. Since 1947 we manufacture highly-automated ovens for ice-cream cones and cups and wafer products, at the service of our customers. Machines for ice cream cones, cups and wafer molded products. Ovens for ice cream cones, cups and wafer molded products. Highly-automated solutions for the baking of ice cream cones, cups and wafer molded products. Food machines manufacturing. Baking systems The AML machine is a high-tech oven designed for the production of moulded ice cream cones and wafer-based products such as cups, goblets, baskets and food containers. Innovation and Know-how in the production of ice cream cones and wafer products. Touch screen interface (HMI) for full monitoring Every AML machine is equipped with a modern PLC console installed on the electrical panel. This control unit follows and manages every single function of the machine, ensuring maximum operational accuracy and simplifying the operator's work. Thanks to the PLC console, the operating instructions can be customised and adapted to the customer's needs. Delicious ice cream cones and cups, custom-made, also vegan and gluten-free IMAR ovens can produce wafer products and take-away containers in a wide variety of shapes, from the shape of a fish or a corncob to a flower or even a bear, also using gluten-free or vegan batter. Waffle-based products are 100% eco-friendly. They can replace plastic products, as they are completely biodegradable and edible at the same time. AML Series automatic machines are designed and built for the production of wafer products such as: • Molded ice cream cones, cups with any size and dimension • biodegradable and edible cups and containers for food and beverages (ice cream, fruit salads, yogurt, cakes, hot chips, take away food, coffee etc) Advanced technology, simple operation, first quality