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Himalayan Secrets

HUB PAK SALT REFINERY Hall: Hall 8 Stand: 801
Himalayan Secrets was built on a simple motto, “Eat Better to Live Better”. We believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be challenging, but rather easy by making simple changes to your daily routine. After discovering the raging health benefits in a simple commodity such as “salt” in its natural pure form, it opened up a whole new world for us. We have been suggested by health professionals to steer away from an element necessary for life, only to find out we have been using it wrong this whole time. Common table salt found in almost any grocery store has been altered, modified and stripped of its natural elements, making it harmful to any human. Although it may be extremely affordable, it may ultimately cost your health. When we started hearing about salt which is mined from the Himalayan Mountains and all of the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements that it carries, it caught our attention. We were drawn to it even more after learning about all of the physical healing powers that it’s capable of.


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