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GC600 Glass Bottle Crusher

Mil-tek Middle East Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 410
The GC600 Bottle Crusher is ideal for hospitality or other businesses handing large volumes of waste glass bottles. It can crush up 600 bottles in just 2 minutes, reducing the volume by up 80%. > Volume reduction of 80% > Mobile for ease of movement > Crushes up to 4000 bottles in an hour > Loading capacity of 680 bottles (140L bin) > Creates 100% recyclable crushed glass PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The GC600 Glass Crusher is a heavy duty glass crusher that can crush up to 4000 bottles in an hour. Crushing glass reduces its volume by up to 80% which not only represents a dramatic saving on space, but also a hygienic solution for handling glass waste. Bottles can be loaded several at a time into the chute. The glass is then crushed and collected in a wheel bin, which is housed inside the unit. An integrated extraction unit minimizes the risk of glass dust from bottles.